Continuous Delivery Coaching & Consulting

More than any other business trend in the last twenty years, the movement to Continuous Delivery has perhaps had the most impact on both the technical and business parts of your company. Especially once you start adding ‘the cloud’ into the mix.

If you are…

  • Not orchestrating your Deployment Pipeline via Continuous Integration
  • Manually executing SQL statements against Production
  • Ad-hoc patching machines/instances and making configuration changes on-the-fly
  • Holding your breathe while deploying new code
  • Writing code against a proliferation of ‘feature branches’ in your version control
  • Not making efficient use of your manual testers through lack of functional automation
  • Logging into your cloud provider’s console to make changes

… then you are already 5 or 6 years behind the curve. We can help! Full-bore functional automation relies heavily on these things to be effective. As such we have experience rolling this sort of process change across an organization. And it really is across the organization, not just ‘the techies’.