Saunter 2.0

Welp. After 2+ years of tinkering and appearing to be an absentee open source landlord, I just pushed Saunter 2.0.0 up to PyPI. When I list the things that have changed, it is rather silly to have allowed so much time to elapse, but…

  • Remove all references to Selenium Remote Control(RC). Enough time has passed that there are no excuses anymore to not be on WebDriver
  • Config file format has fundamentally changed to be YAML. This is why there has been a major version bump. The Saunter page has the details of the new format.

There are still some hiccups, but the main one is that random ordering of script execution and parallelization doesn’t work yet. I know how to fix it via monkey patch, but…

Per always, if you find any bugs, log them in github. I’ve fixed my notification settings to actually see these ones and will be going through the existing ones over the remainder of the month.

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