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Stop Being A Language Snob: Debunking The ‘But Our Application Is Written In X’ Myth

The folks over at Sauce Labs just published a guest post on their blog I wrong on Stop Being A Language Snob: Debunking The ‘But Our Application Is Written In X’ Myth. This doesn’t get debunked nearly enough. Consider this fair warning that this might end up being a 2015 theme.

Lessons learned from 19 months of a delivery manager

This is one of the talks I did at Øredev last week. As usual, my decks are generally useless without me in front of them. But lucky(?) for you, all the sessions were recorded. CONFESSIONS OF A ROOKIE [DELIVERY] MANAGER from Øredev Conference on Vimeo. But if you are too lazy to listen to me […]

Continuous Delivery in a .NET World

Here is one the other talk I did at Øredev this year. The original pitch was going to be show a single character commit and walk it through to production. Which is in itself a pretty bold idea for 40 minutes, but… But that pitch was made 7 months ago with the belief we would […]

SaunterPHP and the Browsermob Proxy

At this point, running all your scripts through a proxy should just be an accepted good practice. And if not, go watch Proxy & Executor. Back? Excellent. Now let’s get your scripts going through the proxy. First, you need to get the proxy. It can be run on any host that the Selenium Server machines […]

Going Dependent

Earlier in the year I took my idea for a ‘mindmap based test idea management app’ all the way to the finals of Ignite Durham. And while I didn’t win, one of the judges was the founder and CEO of a local (like, 8 minute walk from the house local) tech startup, and so […]

Cooking With Web Automation – JQuery UI Menus

So I am officially sick and tired of seeing webinars on ‘locators’ and ‘[basic] synchronization’ and ‘page objects’. There is enough good content out there for all those topics … and a sea of horrid, but that’s a separate problem. What I want to see is more of the ‘secret tricks’ around the things that […]

So you want to build a framework…

My first foray into the ‘framework’ business was likely 1999 at one of the big Canadian banks. We were automating binders, literally 3″ ring binders, of manual test cases into WinRunner. There were 5 or 6 application silos with some shared things for login, etc. It was the ‘shared things’ that made it a framework. […]

Page Object Contest #1: TimelineJS

Every two weeks I’ll be coming up with a dastardly bit of web automation and running a contest to see how others solve the problem. The chosen task will not be around what I am automating for work right now so this is not “Please do Adam’s work for him”. Though I do hope that […]

Screenshots and Artifacts

Screenshots can be a useful tool in debugging broken scripts as they will show you when a spinner is stuck spinning or a bit of ‘3rd party crap’ isn’t downloading properly. Both Py.Saunter and Saunter.PHP have some helper methods in their TestCase class to capture these. Py.Saunter self.take_named_screenshot(’some name’) self.take_numbered_screenshot()self.take_named_screenshot(‘some name’) self.take_numbered_screenshot() SaunterPHP $this->take_named_screenshot(’some name’); […]

Custom Firefox Profiles in Saunter

One of the things that you can do with Firefox that you can’t do with other browsers [or at least not as nicely…] is do a run using a profile that has custom settings already in place (cookies, extensions, local storage, etc.). A couple people have asked for it, and someone then someone paid for […]