Element 34

Element 34 is the boutique consulting firm of Adam Goucher which focuses on Continuous Delivery Pipelines and Selenium-based browser automation.

There are no magical process bullets in software delivery, but there are well travelled paths for producing delivery pipelines — a lot of which include some variant of Selenium. Most organizations will figure these out by themselves, eventually, but today’s market forces dictate immediate return and productivity.

This is where Element 34 comes into the picture.

With 10+ years of Selenium implementation experience (plus years of using proprietary automation before that), I know what works, what doesn’t, and more importantly, why.

These days, my primary focus is on where your automation runs and less about the automation itself. This includes security, maintainability and economical operation though modern DevOps approaches and tools.

Email – adam@element34.ca
Phone – 1 905 995 5035