Just Enough Python to be Dangerous

Yes, a tester can have a successful career without knowing how to program. But it is getting harder and harder. Knowing how to program allows testers to have different discussions with development as well as create their own utilities and automation.

But which language to learn? An excellent choice is Python; a cross platform scripting language.

Just Enough Python to be Dangerous is two days of Python training that will show testers how to use code to help their testing. The idea is to not cover the entire Python landscape, just the parts that are [generally] useful in the testing context.

Day One – Language

  • Data Types
  • Loops
  • Conditions
  • Objects
  • Exceptions
  • Files

Day Two – In the Testing Context

  • Files (CSV, XML)
  • Databases
  • Web Services (REST and WS*)
  • Selenium WebDriver

By the end of this, you might not be ready to write production Python code, but you will have enough of a grounding to be dangerous.

Planned Workshops