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Build Pipelines with Buildbot

As of version 0.22 of Py.Saunter, it will integrate nicely with the Buildbot CI server. The integration was literally a single line of code, but it took a bit longer to figure out how to get the config wired up to replicate the sort of setup I am used to with doing with Jenkins. This […]

Extending the Selenium RC API in Saunter

A pattern I have used successfully in automation is to create a layer between code that you create at that which your framework provides. This is why you probably don’t want to use SaunterTestCase directly even though you technically could. The same applies for the Selenium APIs. The Remote Control and WebDriver APIs have different […]

Is the Selenium Server up?

Both the Selenium RC and Selenium [Remote] WebDriver APIs require the Selenium server to be running on a machine that is going to be launching browsers. From a framework perspective this actually a more challenging task than you might think. Here is how Saunter handles it. First it checks tries to connect to the host […]

You probably don’t want to use SaunterTestCase directly – here is how

In addition to providing a class to serve as the top of the page object inheritance tree, Saunter also provides a class that your scripts should inherit from. Actually there are two, though a script will only ever inherit from one. saunter.testcase.remotecontrol.SaunterTestCase if you want to use the Selenium Remote Control API saunter.testcase.webdriver.SaunterTestCase if you […]

The ‘Base’ Page

In any Page Object tree there is a class that sits at the top of the inheritance tree. Just to be confusing, I learned this as the ‘Base’ (though not sure when or where). Saunter comes with a class to form the Base of your Page Object tree. from import Page   class HomePage(Page): […]