Cooking With Web Automation – JQuery UI Menus

So I am officially sick and tired of seeing webinars on ‘locators’ and ‘[basic] synchronization’ and ‘page objects’. There is enough good content out there for all those topics … and a sea of horrid, but that’s a separate problem. What I want to see is more of the ‘secret tricks’ around the things that cause automation folks to pull out their hair in frustration.

To this end, Jim Holmes and I are co-hosting a webinar on June 21 at 11:30 EDT on wrestling JQuery UI Menus and all it ‘mouse over, then wait, then mouse over and click’ goodness. To some definition of goodness.. And if you know how to do it, its actually quite a simple problem to solve and whose solution lends itself to other problems.

This ‘recipe’ is the first of couple that Jim and I have talked about in a ‘Cooking With Web Automation’ series. I’ll be scripting with Python WebDriver and Jim will be working with Test Studio. Go register now!

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