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Using Elasticache Read Replicas with Laravel

One of the nice things about using Redis via Elasticache is that it gives you a Primary endpoint and a Reader endpoint which means we can split our load more easily (in addition to having the redundancy that they provides.) Unfortunately, Laravel doesn’t have this out of the box which is forever a paper cut […]

OOM with Laravel Excel

One of the nice things about PHP is you do not have to manage your process’s memory … except when you do. We have a job that runs once an hour and dumps a csv generated by Laravel Excel to a customer’s SFTP. Because it uses information for multiple models, we used map(). Easy-peasy. Except […]

Eloquent Pagination and Map — not the bestest of friends

Eloquent can make things really easy. But sometimes that thing is shooting yourself in the foot with a performance problem. We recently released an API endpoint to a customer that was paginated. The first version of the code looked something like this. It is nothing crazy — just manipulate the objects in the relationship and […]

Laravel News Catchup

Next up in my ‘eventually I’ll catch up on email’ queue is Laravel News, which anyone who deals with Laravel should be signed up to. Now, this folder has 180 things in it … but most were already read so I’m not going to read them again, but since Halloween, this is what I find […]

ArchTech Newsletter

On the upside, my mail is getting nicely sorted. On the downside, its now sorted /and/ neglected. So this is one of, hopefully, many posts where I catch up on things. First up, is the ArchTech Newsletter which has some hightlights from their weekly twitter thread to your inbox, plus some other bits around products […]

Experimenting where to put MySQL

At MobileXCo, our ‘app’ consists of 5 Laravel apps plus their supporting services like MySQL, Redis, ElasticSearch and we have them all in a single Vagrant instance. VMs aren’t ‘cool’ anymore, but our production infrastructure is VM based (EC2) and onboarding developers is pretty easy as its just ‘vagrant up’. That said, as an experiment […]

Secure Node Registration in Selenium Grid 4

This is another in the small series of ‘things that have changed in Selenium Grid but I have not yet added to the official docs’ posts. When Selenium Grid was first created, the expectation was that your Grid Hub was nicely secured inside your network, along with your Nodes so everything should be trusted to […]

I was on the ‘Test Guild Automation Podcast’

Woke up this morning to a note from Joe that my episode of the Test Guild Automation Podcast is now live. It should come as no surprise that I talk about Selenium infrastructure with him. I felt like I was rambling, but pretty sure Joe kept pulling me back on topic — but since I […]

Secure Communications with Selenium Grid 4

For the last couple years, my schtick has been that I don’t care about your scripts, just your infrastructure. I’m pretty sure in my talk at SeConf London I mused that it was bonkers that we had got away communicating to the Se Server via HTTP. (I have to deal with vendor audits at work […]

Scrum is an anti-pattern for Continuous Delivery

I’ve been saying that ‘Scrum is an anti-pattern for Continuous Delivery’ for awhile, including last week’s post which got a ‘huh?’ so here is my beef with Scrum. Actually my complaint isn’t with Scrum itself, but with Sprints and if you remove those then the whole house of cards fall down. (This is similar to […]