Laravel News Catchup

Next up in my ‘eventually I’ll catch up on email’ queue is Laravel News, which anyone who deals with Laravel should be signed up to. Now, this folder has 180 things in it … but most were already read so I’m not going to read them again, but since Halloween, this is what I find interesting…

  • A bit of a deep dive into how email validation works and can be extended
  • Laravel Meta Fields lets you attach random amounts of random metadata to models. The last two applications I’ve been responsible for didn’t do this in nearly as elegant a manner
  • Laravel Log Route Statistics seems like it could be an interesting way to either determine what parts of your application has nice test coverage and / or use production data to guide analysis and refactorings. But, it also logs to the database which could get very noisy in a large scale application.
  • Laravel Request Logger is from the same guy and is interesting, with the same caveats I suspect.
  • I’m rebuilding VMs to two companies right now and part of that will be integrating Horizon. How to get notified when Laravel Horizon stops running seems like a useful thing to keep in mind, though I’m not sure I’m keen on it being an artisan command. And things will be running in a cluster, sooo, yay, more things to worry about?
  • Hiding Sensitive Arguments in PHP Stack Traces is always a handy thing to keep in mind. Doing this properly means you can de-scope your log files from things like Right To Delete and such
  • NPS gives me hives, but Laravel NPS seems like a straight-forward way of requesting and storing it
  • I have to think about our pagination strategy over the next couple weeks, so Efficient Pagination Using Deferred Joins is rather timely

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