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On the upside, my mail is getting nicely sorted. On the downside, its now sorted /and/ neglected. So this is one of, hopefully, many posts where I catch up on things. First up, is the ArchTech Newsletter which has some hightlights from their weekly twitter thread to your inbox, plus some other bits around products and packages they are working on. Subscribe here.

  • LazilyRefreshDatabase looks like a nice cleanup for tests.
  • Sidecar has a tonne of potential. It feels like it farms your queue workers to the AWS Lambda — and so in any language it supports
  • The Road to PHP: Static Analysis is an email drip course, on, well, status analysis
  • Laravel 8.x and newer projects shouldn’t be using Guzzle (or heaven forbid, curl) but should be using the built-in HTTP client. Getting it to throw errors is a useful thing to know how to do.
  • Laravel SEO looks like it could reduce some code on some of my projects.
  • Mail Intercept lets you test mail in Laravel by, well, intercepting it rather than Faking it. I think I like this concept. We’ll be testing a tonne of mail for i18n reasons by the end of February so might make use of this.
  • I don’t think you should ever be storing sensitive data as properties of jobs, but if you insist, then you should be using ShouldBeEncrypted on those jobs

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