Stop Being A Language Snob: Debunking The ‘But Our Application Is Written In X’ Myth

The folks over at Sauce Labs just published a guest post on their blog I wrong on Stop Being A Language Snob: Debunking The ‘But Our Application Is Written In X’ Myth.

This doesn’t get debunked nearly enough. Consider this fair warning that this might end up being a 2015 theme.

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  1. David wrote:

    That’s a great post. One thought or question, at least with respect to Selenium. While we can and should pick a language that is most effective for the automation team, isn’t it a bit counter intuitive that for Selenium, the officially supported dominant language for the client bindings is Java? Due to that fact, quite a few automation teams end up using Java rather than Python or Ruby (if you stick to the official bindings, otherwise PHP or Perl is nice too), because Java has the most code examples, support, and new features from Selenium.

    Taking your perspective, it would be nice if Selenium team or at least 3rd party outside contributors focused more on beefing up features, support, and code examples for Python, Ruby, PHP instead, perhaps making PHP “official” as well.

    The post is good, but sometimes it is hard to dissuade a team away from Java because it is the de facto default client binding to use for Selenium & its “assumed” first rate support and feature release schedule in Selenium. How might you counter that argument?

    Posted 07 Feb 2015 at 4:03 pm
  2. adam wrote:

    De factco says whom? The Selenium project officially maintains WebDriver bindings in Java, Python, C# and Ruby. If it’s solely from a documentation perspective, those too are open source and welcome contributions.

    As for PHP, well, that’s a special case…

    Posted 10 Feb 2015 at 1:49 pm

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