SaunterPHP and the Browsermob Proxy

At this point, running all your scripts through a proxy should just be an accepted good practice. And if not, go watch Proxy & Executor. Back? Excellent. Now let’s get your scripts going through the proxy.

First, you need to get the proxy. It can be run on any host that the Selenium Server machines can contact and you’ll only have one for your entire platform setup. Once you have it downloaded, just run the script in the bin directory to get it going.

I’ll point out that the BMP works in a rather interesting manner regarding ports that need to be open [since I lost all afternoon to stupid firewall rules]. Let’s say you start it on port 9090. That is the port you will tell Saunter about. When the script starts it will contact the server on that port and ask for a different port that will be used as the actual proxy. The port it returns is the next available one sequentially so you will need this port, and a large chunk of ports after that too.

(The need for all these ports is actually a bug in Saunter that will be fixed one of these days.)

But now we have the BMP running and able to accept connections. Next we need to tell Saunter about it. And like with everything else configuration wise it goes in conf/

$GLOBALS['settings']['proxy'] = "localhost:9090";
$GLOBALS['settings']['proxy.browsermob'] = true;

And that, in theory, is all you need to do in order to get things running though the proxy. To then use any of the functions available to you you can use $this->client is the object you want to use.

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