Page Object Contest #1: TimelineJS

Every two weeks I’ll be coming up with a dastardly bit of web automation and running a contest to see how others solve the problem. The chosen task will not be around what I am automating for work right now so this is not “Please do Adam’s work for him”. Though I do hope that these contests become an archive of sorts for how to tackle problems like this, where ‘this’ is likely to be ‘have to use the javascript executor’ as I’m quite convinced that this is where we are heading.

Contest #1: TimelineJS

TimelineJS looks like a pretty cool little widget, and one I can see it also being something that would be a ‘fun’ rabbit hole to fall down when automating. Unfortunately rabbit holes can get you into trouble with your boss.

How to play;

  • Create a Page Object against one of the example timelines. Which one shouldn’t matter since a PO should be generic enough to work on any timeline.
  • Add a comment to this post which links to either a blog post or public repo which has the code by 12 noon EDT by Monday, May 20, 2013
  • Make sure the comment has a real email address so I can contact you mid next week

The Judging Criteria is going to be completely subjective, but will be a combination of both utility of the PO and how well it actually works.

Of course, its not a contest if there isn’t a prize associated with it? The prize for this round will be an hour of coaching via skype with me on your Selenium problems.

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