SauceLabs Custom Data

With today’s release of SaunterPHP 1.0.12 and Py.Saunter 0.58 you can mark up your Sauce Labs jobs with ‘custom-data’. You can either do this annotation at a global level, or at the script level. (see this job as an example)


Python – In conf/saunter.ini, add the following section. It is completely optional.

[SauceLabs CustomData]
orange: peel

PHP – In conf/, add the custom-data array to the configuration

 "your username",
    "key" => "your key",
    "custom-data" => array(
        "execution_number" => "five",
        "release" => 1.0


Python – Per script markup uses a specifically formatted decorator, similar to the one used for marking methods. Just use key=value and it will get set.

@pytest.marks('deep', 'ebay', 'meta')
@pytest.mark.saucelabs_customdata(robot=45, monkey=None)
def test_meta(self):
    # stuff

PHP – Similarly, for PHP you use a docstring per custom-data value

* @test
* @group shallow
* @group ebay
* @sauce-custom-data donkey
* @sauce-custom-data cow moo
* @sauce-custom-data ribbit rabbit super crazy
public function fashion_profile() {
    // stuff

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