New Saunter Support Option

Saunter [for both Python and PHP] are Open Source, but that has never meant that adopters were completely on their own for support. Over the last three years a couple ‘common’ support packages have emerged.

  • Kickstart – A timeboxed, fixed cost remote project kickstart. Project deliverable is a zip of a Saunter project ready to commit to version control [or just checked into your version control as we go a long]
  • Training – On-site automation training using Saunter against your application
  • Ack! I’m stuck! – On-demand ‘Ack! I’m stuck!’ support typically for synchronization problems and working around / with custom JS widgets
  • Wow, we’re busy! Write some scripts! – The classical ‘outsourced script development’ model

Saunter is an evolving project, and backwards compatibility between versions isn’t guaranteed as new things are introduced [multiple concurrent browsers] or something is learned [ooo! better py.test hook]. Though if something is a breaking change, the mitigation for it will be in the release notes. But that is time some teams don’t have or don’t want to have. Which leads directly into the new support package.

  • Upgrades – When a Saunter release is pushed we’ll update your project in your version control.

For information on any of these packages email or call (1-905-995-5035).

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