League of Automation Super Friends .. Unite!

I’ve mused for awhile now that a bunch of us independents / small-shops (resisting the urge to use ‘bespoke’ or ‘artisanal’, but…) should form a loose agreement between each other to shuttle work back-and-forth between specialties and those with the room. Not unlike the Justice League (original, not New 52) where membership was limited and there was no duplication of powers.

Well this week marks the first real [public] steps towards that goal with the release of ChemistryKit by Arrgyle. ChemistryKit is a port of my Saunter frameworks to Ruby. Until now I have had to turn down Ruby projects but now I can [and have already] referred them within the League.

Not everyone can be in the League. Arrgyle was asked to be a charter member due to their being ‘test focused’ rather than ‘developer focused’ and had started to invent their own version of Saunter with strikingly similar opionons. Over time, expect to see more features from Saunter making their way into ChemistryKit, and from ChemistryKit into Saunter as we learn from each other.

Okay, there are just baby steps, but the League of Automation Super Friends is now…

Full League Members will be able to help start your automation projects and get you out of trouble once they are running, but, well, are frankly too expensive to be the ones writing your scripts for you. The League helps you help yourself as it were. However, we do have good relations with a noted offshore testing firm which has done automation of this type in the past with us. And while there is nothing in place formally yet to announce firm details, if you want to engage with what we can call the League of Automation Reserve Member we can have that discussion as well.

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