Driving from CSV with SaunterPHP

This is not what I was expecting to release today, but it is still important. Release 1.0.1 of SaunterPHP [1] has grown a CSV Provider. What this means for script creators is that you can [nicely] read input into scripts based on values stored externally to the script — in a csv.

Because SaunterPHP is opinionated, csv files go in the support/csv directory which isn’t going to exist on current projects, so you’ll have to make it. Once that is in place, it is just a matter of passing in the name of the file to the provider.

Here is an example from the Sauce Labs example.

namespace RemoteControl;

require_once 'tailored/SauceTestCase.php';
require_once 'pages/LandingPage.php';
require_once 'SaunterPHP/Framework/Providers/CSV.php';

class ProviderTest extends SauceTestCase {
    * @test
    * @group shallow
    * @group authentication
    * @group provider
    public function basic_csv_example() {
        $csv = new \SaunterPHP_Framework_Providers_CSV("invalid_usernames.csv");
        $row = $csv->random_row();
        $landing = new LandingPage();
        $form = $landing->open_sign_in_form();
        $form->username = $row["username"];
        $form->password = $row["password"];
        $this->verifyEquals($form->error_message, "Incorrect username or password.");

Right now, the only method on the provider is random_row(), but all the information is stored in a data member variable so any interesting manipulations you want to do can be done to it. Perhaps like iterating over it.

$csv = new \SaunterPHP_Framework_Providers_CSV("invalid_usernames.csv");
foreach ($csv->data as $row) {
 // do stuff

Oh, and the CSV needs to include the headers in it. This is so the row information is returned as an associated array.

[1] Just ignore the crazy bump in version numbers; this is to make PEAR whinge less.

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