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Experimenting where to put MySQL

At MobileXCo, our ‘app’ consists of 5 Laravel apps plus their supporting services like MySQL, Redis, ElasticSearch and we have them all in a single Vagrant instance. VMs aren’t ‘cool’ anymore, but our production infrastructure is VM based (EC2) and onboarding developers is pretty easy as its just ‘vagrant up’. That said, as an experiment […]

Secure Node Registration in Selenium Grid 4

This is another in the small series of ‘things that have changed in Selenium Grid but I have not yet added to the official docs’ posts. When Selenium Grid was first created, the expectation was that your Grid Hub was nicely secured inside your network, along with your Nodes so everything should be trusted to […]

I was on the ‘Test Guild Automation Podcast’

Woke up this morning to a note from Joe that my episode of the Test Guild Automation Podcast is now live. It should come as no surprise that I talk about Selenium infrastructure with him. I felt like I was rambling, but pretty sure Joe kept pulling me back on topic — but since I […]

Secure Communications with Selenium Grid 4

For the last couple years, my schtick has been that I don’t care about your scripts, just your infrastructure. I’m pretty sure in my talk at SeConf London I mused that it was bonkers that we had got away communicating to the Se Server via HTTP. (I have to deal with vendor audits at work […]

Scrum is an anti-pattern for Continuous Delivery

I’ve been saying that ‘Scrum is an anti-pattern for Continuous Delivery’ for awhile, including last week’s post which got a ‘huh?’ so here is my beef with Scrum. Actually my complaint isn’t with Scrum itself, but with Sprints and if you remove those then the whole house of cards fall down. (This is similar to […]

‘So what would you do?’

Another ‘free consulting is content’ post. The context here is a 10 year old company a friend of mine is the VP of Engineering at whose delivery pipeline worked … but there were some horrible manual steps (as compared to manually pushing a button steps which are perfectly acceptable, if not desirable) and the things […]

We need a priest (QA) to bless (test) all our work

A friend of mine pinged me during his commute this morning about my thoughts on weening a team off of thinking they need ‘a priest (QA) to bless (test) all our work’. ‘Free’ consulting means it gets to be content. :D Obviously, this is a ‘people problem’. So the approach will vary place-to-place and even […]

Practice what you Preach

Last week I was in London, England for SeleniumConf where I gave a talk on test infrastructure. The feedback seemed to be good from the people I talked to, but I personally was uncomfortable on stage and felt it might have been my worst performance. I felt good about the content the morning of and […]

Is your Automation Infrastructure ‘Well Architected’? – SeConfChicago edition

Is your Automation Infrastructure ‘Well Architected’? from Adam Goucher This week I was in Chicago to get back onto my soapbox around how automation patterns have been largely created so the risk has shifted to the infrastructure the scripts run on. There is too much content for an hour which is the length I thought […]

Laravel and Logstash

As we get larger clients, our need to not be cowboying our monitoring / alerting is increasing. In our scenario we are injesting logs via Logstash and sending them all to an AWS Elasticsearch instance, and if it is of severity ERROR we send it to AWS Simple Noticiation Service (which people or services can […]